Circular knives

Circular knives manufacturing : our range

qualité Caleyron Industries

CALEYRON INDUSTRIES manufactures a wide range of circular knives in high speed steels (HSS M2 , HSS-E M35 , HSS-E M42), as well as solid carbide circular knives. They are mainly used to cut cardboard, paper, rubber, plastic, textile, leather, glass, … .

The cutting geometry is determined according to the material to be cut and a mirror finish assures a precise and neat razor cutting. 

Material Grade Dimensions
HSS M2 1.3343 20 to 450 mm
HSS-E M35 1.3243 20 to 450 mm
HSS-E M42 1.3247 20 to 450 mm
Carbide K10 20 to 300 mm