HSS / HSS-E circular saw blades

Special Coatings

Caleyron’s high quality cutting blades are all coated with a special chemical layer that improves according to the hardness and precision level suited for the materials to be cut. Different coatings are proposed such as titanium nitride and chrome nitride coated hardness, cutting capabilities and life expectancy of our products. 

In all the cases, these coatings improve the tool’s lifetime.


Coating Hardness Thickness    Color
Chrome nitride CrN  1750 HV       4 silver
Titanium nitride TiN  2300 HV       4 gold
Titanium carbon nitride TiCn  3000 HV       4 blue-grey
Titanium aluminium nitride TiAlN  3000 HV       5 purple-grey
Aluminium chrome nitride AlCrN  3200 HV       3 blue-grey