Tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) circular saw blades

Special Coatings


Our circular tungsten carbide saw blades are coated with a layer of chemical material to improve cutting capabilities, hardness and lifetime of your saw blades

From soft chrome nitride coated blades to maximum hardness aluminium chrome nitride blade coatings,  our range certainly offers a product adapted to your production needs.

Coating Hardness Thickness     Color
Chrome nitride CrN  1750 HV       4 silver
Titanium nitride TiN  2300 HV       4 gold
Titanium carbon nitride TiCn  3000 HV       4 blue-grey
Titanium aluminium nitride TiAIN  3000 HV       5 purple-grey
Aluminium chrome nitride AlCrN  3200 HV       3 blue-grey