Caleyron’s Saw Blades: a manufacturer committed to quality

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High quality & top performance saw blades manufacturing

The research of quality is a state of mind. For more than 70 years, CALEYRON INDUSTRIES has been constantly striving to produce high performance knives and saw blades in order to satisfy its customers. Our high tech CNC machines combined with our co-workers craftsmanship are essential in this quest for quality. Top quality steels are essential for this purpose, this is why we choose to collaborate only with highly skilled and experimented manufacturers with constant quality production.

Quality controlled blades

The constancy in quality of our saw and knives blades production comes from a strict inspection of blanks and stringent production standards. At all stages of fabrication, we carry detailed inspections in order to guarantee perfect quality industrial blades manufacturing. A technician is at your disposal to solve your cutting problems and bring you all his skill.