Circular Saw Blades

As a circular saw blades manufacturer with decades of experience and a constant commitment to innovation, Caleyron Industries has the skills and technologies to craft an whole range of circular saw blades for several types of industrial cutting tools. Our range covers carbide circular saw blades, tungsten tipped (TCT) saw blades and more speciliazed cutting blades for precision cutting jobs such as milling cutters.


Circular saw blades range


HSS / HSS-E circular saw blades

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These HSS / HSS-E circular slitting saw blades are manufactured in high speed steel HSS-M2 and HSS-E according to DIN 1837 and DIN 1838. The heat treatment is determined for each grade with a well-defined process assuring an optimal hardness to our tools.

Our circular saws can be supplied with a vaporisation that suits all types of steel, reducing friction and swarf adhesion.

The range includes blade diameters from 20 mm to 600 mm, and thickness 0.2 mm to 6mm

See our blade dimensions reference sheet.

Material Grade Dimensions
HSS M2 1.3343 20 à 600 mm
HSS-E M35 1.3243 20 à 600 mm
HSS-E M42 1.3247 20 à 315 mm