fabricant français couteaux circulaires

Leading French manufacturer of circular knives

Leading French manufacturer of circular knives
CALEYRON INDUSTRIES manufactures a wide range of HSS M2, HSS-E M35, HSS-E M42 and solid carbide circular knives. They are mainly intended for the cutting of cardboard, paper, rubber, plastic, textile, leather …

The geometry of the cutting edge is defined according to the use of the circular knives and the poliglaced finish of the bevels ensures a razor cut. According to some applications, we can perform all types of teeth. Various coatings are proposed in order to improve the cutting and longevity of circular knives.

Circular knives made in France

Cutting tools made in France

Caleyron is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting tools in France and exports its products internationally. This reputation has been based, over time, on the quality of its tools. Its experience and know-how allow it to meet all the expectations of the manufacturers who trust it by offering them tools adapted to their needs. As a manufacturer of cutting tools, Caleyron has implemented a quality control system at every stage of production to guarantee its customers a constant level of performance of its products. Thus the quality of the circular knives and other cutting tools is ensured

Range of our circular knives

Material Grade Dimensions
HSS M2 1.3343 20 à 450 mm
HSS-E M35 1.3243 20 à 450 mm
HSS-E M42 1.3247 20 à 450 mm
Carbure K10 20 à 300 mm

Circular knives applications and usage

Material Material to be cut
HSS M2 rubber, carton, paper, plastic, textile
HSS-E M35 rubber, carton, paper, plastic, textile
HSS-E M42 rubber, carton, paper, plastic, textile
Carbide rubber, carton, paper, plastic, textile
Circular knives

Special Coatings

Caleyron’s industrial knives are covered with special chemical coatings to improve capabilities and life time of our products, such as knives with special teething for non conventional machining. We can supply different metal coatings such as hard chrome, TiN or vaporisation, in order to improve our blades’ cutting abilities and the tool’s life.
Coating Hardness Thickness Color
Chrome Nitride CrN 1750 HV 4 silver
Titanium nitride TiN 2300 HV 4 gold
Titanium chrome nitride TiCn 3000 HV 4 blue-grey
Titanium aluminium nitride TiAIN 3000 HV 5 purple-grey
Aluminium chrome nitride AlCrN 3200 HV 3 blue-grey

Cutting parameters of circular knives

The circular knives are made with a single bevel (1) or a double bevel (2), and in some cases with a bevel (3-4). Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can define the geometry of the knife according to your application.

paramètre de coupe couteaux circulaires