French manufacturer of circular saw blades

For more than eighty years, Caleyron produces cutting tools for metal. We focused on the quality of the tools in order to satisfy the customers expectations.

fabricant fraises-scies hss acier rapide

HSS & HSS-E Circular Saw Blades

Caleyron manufactures metal cutting circular saw blades made of HSS and HSS-E from 20 to 600 mm diameters and from 0.2 to 6 mm thicknesses according to the standard DIN 1837 and DIN 1838.

The heat treatment is carried out by new technology fittings assuring optimal and homogeneous hardness.
To improve lubrication and avoid sticking, HSS and HSS-E circular saw blades can be supplied with STEAM treatment.

Solid carbide circular saw blades

Used to machine ultra-strong materials, solid carbide circular saw blades are manufactured with a “mirror-polished” surface finish, resulting in a clean cut with tight tolerances.

In addition, each solid carbide circular saw blades has a significantly improved service life and allows higher cutting speeds and feed rates

Caleyron Industrie offers a wide range of solid carbide circular saw blades grades micrograins adapted to each machining.

fraise-scies carbure monobloc
Fabricant de fraises-scies plaquettes carbure

Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades

In order to cut ferrous steel, the carbide saw blade is ideal. This is the case for case-hardened steel, nitriding steel, bearing steel, spring steel, treated steel, cold-forged steel, etc. This carbide tipped saw blade is also used to cut non-ferrous steels such as aluminum, bronze, brass and copper.

Designed for intensive use it allows the cutting of PVC and plastic.

Special circular saw blades

For specific applications, our manufacturing program also includes special circular saw blades with radius, conicals, with chamfers, for gang work or when tight tolerances are required.

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