Sharpening of cutting tools: circular saws, saw blades, circular knives

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Circular saws, saw blades, and circular knives are highly utilized equipment in factories for cutting metal pieces. Sharpening cutting tools allows for optimizing or restoring the original cutting precision.

This complex operation requires specific expertise, ensuring that sharpening is tailored to both applications and machined materials. Sharpening circular saw blades is carried out using a fleet of advanced machines.

How to sharpen a circular saw blade or circular knife?

Here are the necessary steps to ensure that your circular saw blades and circular knives regain their optimal performance after the sharpening process.

Thorough Examination

Our team conducts a meticulous inspection of circular saw blades and circular knives. This evaluation aims to identify any irregularities, roughness, or deformation while ensuring that these tools are suitable for the sharpening process.

Correction of Wear

All observed wear and alterations are rectified using a highly precise sharpening machine. This step is crucial for restoring the geometry and performance of the blades.

Restoration of Teeth

The restoration of teeth on circular saw blades and circular knives is performed with extreme precision, ensuring their efficiency and longevity. We ensure that each tooth is perfectly sharpened, subjecting this phase to rigorous checks to maintain high-quality standards.

What types of blades can we sharpen?

Our expertise extends to sharpening special saw blades, including:

  • high-speed steel circular saw blades
  • carbide monobloc circular saw blades
  • radius saw blades
  • conical saw blades
  • circular saw blades with chamfers
  • circular knives

When to sharpen your circular saw blades and circular knives?

Regularly sharpening your circular saw blades and circular knives is essential to maintain their optimal performance and extend their lifespan. The crucial question is: when should you sharpen them? The answer depends on various factors, but here are some indicators to guide you:

  1. Loss of efficiency in your blades
  2. Poor surface condition of the machined piece
  3. Your tools cause burning on the material you cut or generate chips
  4. In case of regular use of your circular saw blades and circular knives

A regularly sharpened blade will perform much better during use. A well-maintained sharp tool ensures worker safety by reducing the risks of chip generation and accidents during cutting.

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Advantages of Our Industrial Sharpening Service

By relying on our professional team, you can outsource the refurbishment of your cutting tools. Our experience across all industry sectors guarantees impeccable service.

Sharpening carbide or high-speed steel HSS circular knives requires great precision. Each operation includes a preliminary diagnosis to determine the condition of the blades. Cutting tool sharpening is carried out using advanced equipment to achieve optimum results, giving your tools a new appearance and restoring their original functions.

Circular Saw Blades and Circular Knives Sharpening Company

The cutting quality of a circular knife or circular saw blade is crucial for achieving a clean and precise cut. Sharpening cutting tools is done on special machines, ensuring perfect cutting edge sharpness. We pay special attention to the quality of surface conditions.

CALEYRON INDUSTRIES, with its expertise in cutting tools, offers sharpening services for industry professionals. Our promise: optimize your production chains by improving the performance and longevity of your machine tools.

Essential in many industries, cutting tools such as circular saw blades and circular knives represent a significant cost. Sharpening cutting tools prolongs the life of your tools and delays their replacement.

The importance of regular sharpening offers a multitude of benefits, touching on both efficiency and profitability, always adapted to the industrial applications of the tool.