Circular saw blades sharpening service

What is the use of circular saw blades sharpening?

Circular saw blades are highly used equipment in the factory for cutting steel, iron or aluminum parts. The sharpening of solid carbide or HSS circular saw blades optimizes or restores the original cutting accuracy. This complex operation requires specific expertise. Sharpening must be both suitable for applications and machined materials. Supervised by our team in the workshop, circular saw blade sharpening is carried out using a state-of-the-art machinery park, in compliance with the most demanding safety standards.

What are the steps of circular saw blades sharpening service ?

Circular saw blades are carefully examined by our team to verify that they can withstand the grinding operation and that they have no roughness or deformation. The correction of the different wears and the restoration of the teeth are carried out by means of a machine of sharpening and are controlled to guarantee you the greatest precision. We also perform sharpening of special saw blades such as radius cutters, bevel, chamfer, side milling cutters.

Circular knives sharpening service

The cutting quality of a circular knife is essential for a clean and precise cut. The sharpening of the circular knives is done on special machines guaranteeing a perfect sharpness of the cutting wire. We give special treatment to the quality of surface conditions.

An operation that requires specific expertise

CALEYRON INDUSTRIES offers a circular knives sharpening service for industry professionals who want to optimize their production lines, while improving the performance and longevity of their machine tools.

Indispensable in a large number of industries, cutting tools, such as circular knives, represent a significant cost. Sharpening tools extends their life and delays their replacement. Optimal sharpening has many challenges, both in terms of efficiency and profitability. It must imperatively be adapted to the various industrial applications and requires a great rigor.

Advantages of our circular knives sharpening service

By calling on our professional team, you can outsource the repair of your damaged or worn cutting tools, in order to avoid incurring new expenses. Our diverse experience in all sectors of the industry guarantees an irreproachable service, in perfect adequacy with the safety standards which frame your trade.
The carbide or HSS high speed steel circular knife sharpening requires great precision. Each operation includes a preliminary diagnosis to determine the state of the blades of the cutting tools. The sharpening operation of cutting tools is carried out using advanced equipment to limit any risk of smudging. It gives your tools the look of the new and restores their original functionality.