Circular saw blades & circular knives manufacturer

Caleyron Industrie fabricant d'outils de coupe

Cutting tool specialist

With over 80 years experience in the circular saw blades and circular knives manufacturing, Caleyron Industries has raised its know-how on every technical and technological issue with cutting blades crafting.

The precision and the care granted to the saw blades CALEYRON assure a total guarantee for the quality which can satisfy the highest requirements. Thanks to our modern production equipment and our craftsmanship, this quality is recognized in several countries.

With the development of new metal-cutting technologies, new products have been included in our manufacturing program. Today, we are able to offer a wide range of standard and special cutting tools.

Today, we are able to propose a wide range of standard and special cutting tools.

A manufacturer committed to quality

High quality & top performance circular saw blades manufacturing

The research of quality is a state of mind. For more than 80 years, CALEYRON INDUSTRIES has been constantly striving to produce high performance knives and circular saw blades in order to satisfy its customers. Our high tech CNC machines combined with our co-workers craftsmanship are essential in this quest for quality. Top quality steels are essential for this purpose, this is why we choose to collaborate only with highly skilled and experimented manufacturers with constant quality production.

Quality controlled blades

The constancy in quality of our saw and knives blades production comes from a strict inspection of blanks and stringent production standards. At all stages of fabrication, we carry detailed inspections in order to guarantee perfect quality. A technician is at your disposal to solve your cutting problems and bring you all his skill.

Caleyron industrie


Spirit of quality !

Quality approach

For more than 80 years, CALEYRON INDUSTRIES has maintained this desire to manufacture high-performance circular saw blades and circular knives in order to satisfy customers.
Our numerical control machines and the technical competence of our colleagues are decisive in this quality approach. We use steels from manufacturers with extensive experience and guaranteeing consistent quality.

Quality Control

Severe entry control and strict manufacturing standards ensure the repeatability and reliability of the quality of our circular saw blades and circular knives.
At all stages of production, rigorous controls are carried out to ensure optimum quality. A technician will always be at your disposal to answer your questions about our range of tools, solve your cutting problems and bring you his skills. You can contact us by email (, or by phone (33 (0) 477-354-022).


Innovations in the manufacture of cutting tools

With the development of new metal cutting technologies, new products have been incorporated into our cutting tool manufacturing program. Today, we offer a wide range of standard and special tools.

The company Caleyron has a machine park with powerful numerical control, a technological watch allows us to innovate regularly to meet the needs of industry.

In order to allow you to carry out your projects, our team will work closely with you. Thus, we will be able to define the tool adapted to your needs.

NF EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate

As of December 11, 2018, Caleyron Industries has been awarded the NF EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificate by BCS for the certification scope of “Manufacture of mechanical tools” which it has been judged to comply with the requirements of the cited standards.